Written and Produced by
Shant Hagopian
Craig Blundell
Kristoffer Gildenlöw
Special Guests
Derek Sherinian
Alex Argento
Houry Dora Apartian



Latest News

New Site Launched!

Out with the old, in with the new.
The new website with a brand new design has launched, featuring the Paradigms album cover artwork in the banner.
Navigation should be a breeze, with sticky bar including shortcuts to the different available formats for the new record Paradigms at the top of every page.
The new site is also compatible with most mobile devices.

Demos from the new album will be available on the home page in the very near feature, as well as the new 'Carousel of Death' music video.

If you find a broken link or something that's not working as expected, I'd very much appreciate if you notify me regarding the issue by sending me a message.


The Big Reveal


1. Mirrors of Confusion 4:41
2. Carousel of Death 4:54
3. Pareidolia 4:52
4. Empty Whisky Jar 3:40
5. The Stranger From Andromeda 5:06
6. Until We Meet Again 4:18
7. Ulterior Harmony 6:58
8. Disturbance Within 4:36
9. Universal 6:41
10. Where Dreams Have Died 10:33

Featuring Craig Blundell, Kristoffer Gildenlöw
Guests Derek Sherinian, Alex Argento, Houry Dora Apartian
Project By Shant Hagopian


The Online Store launches today, and pre-orders are now open. There's a bunch of very cool T-Shirts and Tank Tops for both genders featuring artwork from Paradigms and Solipsistic. T-Shirt fabric and print quality are great, and most importantly, prices are very affordable!

Note: All Paradigms audio related products are currently marked as "Pre-Order" and will be shipped a few days before the release date.
But, T-Shirts and all apparel and accessories will be shipped to you right away, even if they are bundled with Paradigms CD or Vinyl.

Click here to access the online store.

Paradigms will be available in four formats.

Vinyl (LP): Available in translucent purple (limited to 100 copies) You may also choose black if you prefer.

Standard CD: Six panel digipak.

Special Edition CD & DVD: Featuring special edition Mirrors of Confusion cover as well as the original cover.
BONUS DVD includes: Demos,.Play-along tracks, "Making of album" Short movie, Paradigms cover painting video. and Carousel of Death music video.
Also includes a custom Special Edition guitar pick.

Digital Copy: In both MP3 and FLAC formats
All physical items come with a Digital Copy and a custom guitar pick, exclusively when ordered through the Semantic Saturation Online Store.

To pre-order, click on a product image below

Masters are In

Here's what I've been doing in the last couple of weeks. I completed the CD and Vinyl artwork, need a few last minute color correction and fine tuning before sending to production. We finalized the mix with Alex and the album was being mastered last week, I had to purchase some necessary UPC and ISRC codes to track the album information online, I started working on a new website design with the Paradigms theme, and it's almost done; few last touches remain. I think you'll love it.

I thought the band needs a logo so I made dozens of them, and then showed it to friends, they were meh, I made dozens more and showed it to friends, they were better but still meh, then suddenly on a sunny afternoon it came to me, so I made a dozen more, I'm not exaggerating, finally found the one! So I made a dozen more variations of it. Can you tell I'm anal?

Then I made some new art that will be used on merchandise (T-Shirts, guitar picks etc..) for you guys. The new Semantic Saturation Store is looking lit. I was running into performance issues on the store site, so I wasted a few more days trying to find some solutions, it's a bit better now. Hopefully will improve further. I also had to make some extra artwork for the exclusive items which will only be sent out to you, the backers.

What else.. Oh, I'm putting together all the videos I've recorded of me during the album cover painting process, and of course I'm making a sped up timelapse so you don't sit down for hours (days) to watch the entire process. This video will be available to you on extra CD that will be included in a limited edition CD package, among other goodies which I also have to put together. Unfortunately things don't just come together on their own.

What's next? The audio masters have *just arrived*, if everything goes well, I'll sign a deal with a CD and Vinyl production company to start producing the CDs and Vinyls, but of course it's not that easy, as vinyls need a different master, and I'll have to wait for their input on whether we can fit the album on a single disc or two, which will increase the cost significantly.I need to sit down with Richard the director who's working on a new music video, and we have to go through all the fixes we need to make.
But most importantly, coming up next is the big reveal of the album artwork and track-listing.

Stay tuned!


Solipsistic Album Cover
Solipsistic (2013)
Solipsistic Album Cover
Paradigms (2018)


Solipsistic Album Cover

Solipsistic is the debut album for Semantic Saturation. The album features world class musicians and progressive rock gurus; such as drummer Virgil Donati, bassist Ric Fierabracci, and guests Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater) on keyboards, and vocalist Andy Kuntz from Vanden Plas. Solipsistic was released physically on CD and digitally on January 21, 2013 after two long years of hard work and coordination between the featured artists working on the album. The album is available for sale in both formats on the Semantic Saturation store and on other online stores like Amazon, iTunes and others.

On the album, Bassist Ric Fierabracci says:
It was a great pleasure for me to play on Shant’s new CD. He is an extremely gifted writer, guitarist and producer as well.

Solipsistic consists of nine tracks, the first eight of which are instrumental, with the final track titled “What if We All Stop” bearing Andy Kuntz’s signature vocals. The epic song spans over 8 minutes, transitioning from a calm, mellow beginning towards an eagerly-anticipated heavier mid-section, before it reaches a grand finale capturing the essence of prog-rock along the way.

Vocalist Andy Kuntz follow up saying:
I’m very proud to be part of a new project with my precious friend Shant Hagopian. He is such a great composer and a very unique guitar player with his very own fingerprint.
On the process of creating the album Shant comments:
There’s this moment of transition during the recording process, when you put all the ideas together like pieces of a puzzle, and only then the bigger picture takes shape and you clearly see what the end result is going to be.


Paradigms Album Cover

Paradigms is an honest attempt to expand musical horizons, capturing the essence of the unique prog vibe by focusing on the genre's most important aspect: variety. Featured musicians on the album include drummer Craig Blundell (Frost*/Steven Wilson), bassist Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain of Salvation), guests Derek Sherinian (ex-Dream Theater), Alex Argento on keyboards, and the lovely jazz vocalist Houry Dora Apartian.

PARADIGMS is now available for pre-order in CD, Special Edition CD&DVD, Vinyl and digital formats through the brand new Semantic Saturation online store. Pre-orders come with a postcard including a personal message, and signed by Shant Hagopian. The online store also hosts a selection of T-Shirts, bundles and other merchandise featuring PARADIGMS artwork. The digital album will also be available on Apple iTunes and others.

The laudable array of ten compositions conveys a multitudinous variety of changing moods, while inventively preserving the album's grand paradigm of musical intrigue and astounding mastery. Shant's musical ingenious is rendered crystal clear in “Mirrors of Confusion” where funky grooves and heavy riffing intertwine seamlessly, and his academic foundations in Jazz are evidently traced throughout the exciting track of “Carousel of Death”, while Craig Blundell’s insane drumming techniques and Kirstoffer’s transcendent bass lines are conspicuous throughout all ten tracks. Furthermore, Shant’s masterful and peculiar cover painting resonates radiantly with the music.

PARADIGMS is Shant's second Semantic Saturation album after Solipsistic, demonstrating his ever-evolving musical writing abilities, and on this long-awaited production he says:

To me, the process of creating an album has always been like giving birth, you carry it within you for several months until it's *released*, and then you show the world what you've made. Minus all the crying and the ugly baby pictures.
Drummer Craig Blundell says:
I was deeply honoured when I got the call to play all the tracks on this project which features some insanely talented people of which I'm fans of too. Every track is a real challenge but extremely rewarding when it comes together, the whole album is staggeringly good.
And Kristoffer humbly said:
The basslines I recorded did not do justice for the album, so I've asked Shant quietly to hire guitarist Steve Lukather to re-record the basslines for all ten tracks.
Kristoffer has since retreated to his cabin in the woods of northern Holland, after selling his entire career on ebay for as close to nothing.

Music Videos

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Who is Semantic Saturation?

Semantic Saturation is a progressive rock/progressive metal project founded by Canadian guitarist Shant Hagopian. The foundation of the project is based on the idea to work with a different set of musicians on every album. Today, playing prog music is regarded in the eyes of many as being a feat. It should not be like that. Listeners do not enjoy music anymore, they're only trying to find bands that can play a million notes per minute. Although we do that too occasionally, but Semantic Saturation is not an impressing machine, it's a single note at the right place and the right time that will give you chills.

What is Semantic Saturation?

Semantic Saturation also known as ‘Semantic Satiation’ is a psychological phenomenon where repetition causes a word or phrase to lose its meaning temporarily; words are then processed in the mind as meaningless sounds. This idea, of course, goes much deeper than that, it doesn’t just stop there. Even though unapparent, our brains are being saturated on a daily basis. It may seem slow, but the effects are significant on the long run.

Oftentimes, we hear people repeating a set of clichéd words or phrases without any perception, and completely indifferent to what they really mean. Some of these words have become saturated in our minds, as a result of overhearing the same phrases over and over. Until it becomes a habit; a bad one.

Saturation is a disease; and it’s viral. it is being streamed to us through multiple channels, it’s on the news, it’s in the paper, and words spread mouth to mouth. Once you’re in the cycle, you’re inside a black hole and there's never an escape. You overhear a few people talking about the latest trend and you start mentioning it to everyone you meet, fearing of being left behind, in fear of complete disconnection, and being left all alone in some dark corner of our imaginary realities.

We’re losing our communication skills, in this age of technology. Almost all of us on our planet are interconnected, the whole world is in our palms; just a few clicks away; under our fingertips, yet we struggle to connect mentally. When was the last time you had a REAL conversation with somebody? I fail to remember. Communication is key, but we've already been over-saturated, and words have become meaningless sounds.

When I look at the social media today, I don’t see people. I see emotionless by-products, mind-controlled nincompoops, narcissist lunatics. Everybody’s trying to sell something, including myself, and we’re all busy consuming and boasting about the latest toy we bought, a “be-the-first-or-be-nothing” mentality that is killing our motivations; our desires; our dreams and our creativity.

This is the new norm.


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