Solipsistic at #3 On’s Best of Progressive Rock in 2013

This is insane! Solipsistic is #3 on I’m completely speechless again! I can’t thank you guys enough.

#1 Jolly – The Audio Guide to Happiness Part II
#2 Steven Wilson – The Raven that Refused to Sing
#3 Semantic Saturation – Solipsistic


Here’s a screenshot of the site:

Morow - The best progressive rock albums in 2013
Morow – The best progressive rock albums in 2013

If you’re a prog fans and you don’t listen to, you’re missing a lot! Morow’s slogan is “The best progressive rock of yesterday and today” which actually stands true if you glance at their awesome playlist.

Stardust Airs on Spanish Radio Show La Hoguera (Bonfire)

Translation by Google:

Like every week, we review the most interesting of today’s melodic rock, going into areas ranging from AOR to progressive metal, and all spiced with a lot of rock and roll (and some blues).

The track listing is as follows:

Como cada semana, repasamos lo más interesante de la actualidad del Rock melódico, adentrándonos en terrenos que van del AOR, al metal progresivo, y todo aderezado con mucho rock and roll (y algo de blues).

El listado de temas es el siguiente:

JOLLY JOKER. Damage. L.P. Sex, booze and tattoes
ARC ANGEL. Amnesia. L.P. Harlequins of light
ALHANDAL. El velo rasgado. L.P. Rotta
AVALANCH. Madre tierra. L.P. Los poetas han muerto
SANGRE AZUL. El silencio de la noche. L.P. El silencio de la noche
FERGIE FREDERIKSSEN. Candles in the dark. L.P. Any given moment
DEEP PURPLE. Aprés vous. L.P. So what?
RON & BLUES. Pray and joy (directo en Rey louie)
HARDREAMS. The land inside our souls. L.P. Unbroken promises
LA MANO TONTA DE CERVANTES. Como un fantasma. L.P. Homónimo
SAMMY HAGAR. Personal Jesus. L.P. Sammy H. & friends
LITTLE RIVER BAND. Forever you forever me. L.P. Cuts like a diamond
SEMANTIC SATURATION. Stardust. L.P. Solipsistic  @ 75:36
FIND ME. Dancing to a broken heartbeat. L.P. Wings of love

You can listen to the podcast through this link:

Stardust, Make Believe and What if We All Stop Aired on Art.Rockowy Swiat

Three tracks from the album Solipsistic were aired on the July 31, 2013 (#163) edition of the Polish prog rock show Ark.Rockowy Swiat.

Unfortunately I don’t speak Polish, any Polish fans here who can provide a translated transcript ? Simply post in the comments please.

Stardust can be heard at 00:54:27
Make Believe at 01:39:00
What If We All Stop at 1:45:05

Click here to download the podcast

The Playlist:

1??Genesis??Horizons??, “Foxtrot” (1972), 1:41.
2??Unified Past,??I’m Not Answering??, “Observations” (2011), 5:46.
3??Anta,??Helepolis??, “Centurionaut” (2013), 10:33.
4??Anta,??Dolmen??, “Centurionaut” (2012), 5:13.
5??Unified Past,??Insulated??, “Observations” (2013), 4:42.
6??Unified Past,??Faithless??, “Observations” (2011), 8:30.
7??Spyros Charmanis,??Open Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 6:38.
8??Spyros Charmanis,??Subconscious??, “Wound” (2012), 4:36.
9??Semantic Saturation,??Stardust??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 6:49.??
10th??Saris,??The Curse??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 6:57.
11th??Saris,??Miracles??, “Curse of Time” (2009), 17:12.
12th??Spyros Charmanis,??Exit Wound??, “Wound” (2012), 10:09.
13th??Semantic Saturation,??Make Believe??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 5:06.??
14th??Semantic Saturation,??What If We All Stop??, “Solipsistic” (2013), 8:44.??
15th??Urge State,??Hallelujah??(Leonard Cohen cover), “Miscellaneous & Scraps” (2013), 6:51.