Merely a Coincidence? I Don’t Think So

Last night I was quickly checking my Facebook feed before going to bed and a very familiar photo caught my attention. The picture was posted by my friend Alex Argento, the amazing sound engineer and keyboard player, the very same guy who mixed Solipsistic. The title of his post was “Here is where it began!”

The picture is him as a kid playing this red toy piano that I immediately recognized… because I had one exactly like it (mine was orange), and I have a picture playing it (kinda) too, so I thought why not share it with him and with all of you.

Alex (left) and myself (right) playing the same toy piano
Alex (left) and myself (right) playing the same toy piano

Alex pointed out that my hand was on the power button, ready to call it quits and move to another instrument. But hey, look at that left hand constantly playing the lowest C, trying to sound as heavy as possible.

This is how you properly do a Throwback Thursdays,not with a picture taken two weeks ago.

8000 Facebook fans!

I believe I’m entitled to celebrate the 8000th Fan (or like) on Facebook today.

This is so awesome, thank you guys for your amazing support. I feel greatly honored.

8000 Facebook fans - August 25, 2013
8000 Facebook fans – August 25, 2013

Stardust Guitar Tablature Preview

This is what I’ve been working on lately. Creating a guitar transcription and guitar tabs for the track Stardust. I’m using Guitar Pro software to which there is a small learning curve, but I’m hoping to get this baby out in your hands pretty soon so you guys can jam along.

Here’s a snapshot I posted on Instagram. By the way you can follow me on Instagram through??

Sorry for the bad quality, the photo was shot with my phone, right on the screen.

Stardust Guitar tab snapshot
Stardust Guitar tab snapshot