New Site Launched!

Out with the old, in with the new.
The new website with a brand new design has launched, featuring the Paradigms album cover artwork in the banner.
Navigation should be a breeze, with sticky bar including shortcuts to the different available formats for the new record Paradigms at the top of every page.
The new site is also compatible with most mobile devices.

Demos from the new album will be available on the home page in the very near feature, as well as the new ‘Carousel of Death’ music video.

If you find a broken link or something that’s not working as expected, I’d very much appreciate if you notify me regarding the issue by sending me a message.


What Have I Been Up To?

The lacquer for the vinyl version of Paradigms is being cut as I write this, one of the big lacquer guys in the world is working on it to ensure highest quality.
I made some more adjustments to the new site and store and the blog as you can see. It’s not an easy task to make sure the website and store work flawlessly on all devices, desktop, tablets and phones.

DVD Production-wise, I put together all the demos and videos to be included on the bonus DVD, only thing missing are the play along tracks. I’ve also made a nice compilation of some behind the scenes footage. Not too long, but still enjoyable.

I’ve been going to a print shop the past couple of days to make some more proofs, I want to make sure the cover and artwork print quality and colors are to my liking.
That’s all for now.
Back to work, no rest for the wicked.



On Saturday, I also met Craig Blundell on the Steven Wilson tour, who’s of course the featured drummer on the upcoming album “Paradigms”.
Such a nice, talented, extremely humble, amazing musician and human being.
What a week, what a time to be alive!

Sons of Apollo

I was at the Sons of Apollo show in Montreal yesterday and met the legendary keyboard player Derek Sherinian who played on my debut album Solipsistic and also plays on the new album Paradigms. What an amazing show it was, full of surprises! And here I was, wondering what were they going to play for two hours or so. Silly me.

Here, we were joking on how the new Semantic album will blow your brains out.

Time For Some Updates

Alex Argento‘s mixes started coming in as we speak, there will be some back and forth feedback before we get to the final mix, but we’ll get there.

Meanwhile we’re working on a fabulous music video for one of the tracks from the new album Paradigms, titled “Carousel of Death” with the amazing duo Richard Bastarache and Steph Miramontes Art. We’ve already shot in a few locations over three days, first two of which went great, and the third day… I don’t wanna talk about it right now, but we managed to pull it off; thanks to my wonderful wife Nanor Wazirian who’s organizing everything and doing her best to put together the music video.

I’m also working on the album cover, as you may or may not know, I’m painting the album cover digitally myself, it’s gonna be something out of this world, literally. And if you’d like to watch me paint, I have a twitch channel where I stream the painting process live, go follow me there at

Over and out!