New Amp and Mic Test

Christmas came early again, and I’m already down to business dialing my new tone.

I’ve recorded a few clips with a few different mic placements, using the same setup for all clips.
See if you can find a favorite and give me your *feedback*. Listen here on Soundcloud.

The Man Behind Pink Floyd Turns 75 Today

Today is this man’s birthday, a legend who turns 75.

This photo was taken by me during his “The Wall” tour in 2010
Photo copyright Shant Hagopian 2010

The amount of influence Roger Waters had on my musical career is enormous. He has inspired me from the very first day I discovered Pink Floyd in the early 90’s, when I was still a young teenager. I wasn’t lucky enough like many of you who are born back in the 50s or 60s, neither was I lucky in the the location I was born. Back in those days when I was still in Syria (and even now) we never had any bands on international level to perform live shows, so when I heard Roger Waters was coming to Lebanon on his “In the Flesh” tour in 2002, I was ecstatic. This also happened to be my very first live experience, so try to imagine my feelings.

I was counting down the days from the day I reserved my ticket. And a couple of days before the show, I got on a bus to Beirut; 7-8 hours drive from my hometown Aleppo. The concert was held at Biel, when we arrived there a few hours early, or I thought it was early, but some folks told me that the man himself stopped by for an autograph session half an hour ago… I was devastated! I went there prepared for an autograph with a Wish You Were Here CD booklet and a sharpie.

My seat was on the far left, and the backstage access was on my level and I was able to peak through the curtains from where I was, so I expected him to stop by and take a peak through the curtains at any moment. I was very alert. And suddenly it happened, just like I expected. I remember running towards him with the sharpie and booklet in my hand, what an excitement to shake the hand of a legend and have him sign your CD, and by the time he was done there was a big crowd lined up behind me. Mission accomplished.

Here’s a photo of the booklet itself, which David Gilmour also signed in 2016 on the Rattle that Lock tour in Toronto.

Happy birthday sir!

What was YOUR very first experience?

Another Milestone

Yesterday; August 20, 2018, was my dad Hagop Hagopian’s 75th birthday. Also yesterday, I achieved another major milestone in my musical career, with the release of the second full length studio album of the Semantic Saturation musical project that I independently founded back in 2010; of course this was no coincidence. Allow me to take a moment here to acknowledge the support and encouragement I have received from my father and mother Vartoug Hagopian all these years, since my childhood; without whom I wouldn’t be doing what I do today.

I’m Armenian, but I grew up and spent 25 years of my life in a community and a country (Syria) where the style of music I play isn’t well perceived, regarded as disgraceful, outrageous and revolting, and mostly neglected by the majority. A society, in which growing your hair as a man or wearing piercings are considered offensive, and a violation against their archaic beliefs.
People fear what they cannot understand.

I’ve been harassed, I’ve been mocked and ridiculed for what I wear, asked to cut my hair, to “behave” and “grow up”, the music I make has been disrespected, ignored and disregarded by a lot of people right in front of me, including some who were very close to me, but never ever by my parents; they were always supportive, backing and guiding me to overcome and conquer the storm, to weed through the noise and rise high on top.

Today is another day, where once again I smash my hammer (and balls) of steel in the faces of all those who belong to the inferior group of people mentioned above, and add another nail to their coffin. All thanks go to my lovely fans who keep supporting and motivating me throughout this journey. I’ve been receiving so many touching and beautiful messages from a lot of you and I am ever grateful to learn that my music has changed your lives and inspired so many of you.

Love you all

Pre-Orders Shipping Today!

I did a live stream yesterday while I was packing your pre-orders.
Woah! Took me like 9 hours total to pack everything. Vinyls, CDs, Posters… Everything.
Love you all for your support, and thanks for hanging out with me.